Last week in Writing Lab, I was asked to write an autobiography in 250 words. How can that be done? How can a rambler like me chop down my life into a double spaced page?

Surprisingly, the hardest part was having the guts to write highly of myself to a writing professional. Sure I can do this and I can do that, but can I write that down on paper clearly, concisely and creatively? 

A flood of anxiety reminds me of the feeling I had before my valedictory address in grade 12 at Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School in Peterborough, Ontario. I reminded myself I was elected as the spokesperson for my graduating class, calming my nerves. My interpretation of the past four years was the one that was being heard the loudest. This moment, from start to finish, is what connects me to public relations.

Sharing the same beliefs as my classmates added to the excitement of being chosen as valedictorian. As a naturally strong communicator, I delivered a speech that my peers related to. As a well-rounded representative, I connected with people from different clubs and committees before, during and after my speech. How I presented myself then and how I do now, has turned a career choice that is ideal for me. 

A flood of tears reminds me of the feeling I had at the end of my valedictory speech when my classmates rose from their seats in unison to give me a standing ovation. Five years laters, I still have a voice that wants and needs to be heard. Through my experiences such as this one, I am constantly reassured that I belong in public relations.  

If you’re wondering what the answer is, it’s hell yeah. That, up there, proves it (and my teacher even said so). 

A Goodie

I haven’t come here to declare that I’ve revamped myself and am going to blog my life by the hour from this moment forward, but I am here to say: here’s to writing more! Probably about songs or Louis CK or Saturday Night Live because that’s what I listen to and read while cruising on public transit. 

I’m enrolled in a new (to me) program (post-grad PR for those interested/concerned) at school in Toronto. It’s too good to be true. Let me repeat because repeating is important. It’s too good to be true. Getting to know me now is pretty fun, but getting to know me in 8 months, even 2 months or a week from now may just a little bit more. BECAUSE I’M LEARNING WHAT I LIKE. BECAUSE I LIKE WHAT I’M LEARNING. Do you know how much that makes a difference? Holy cow, you guys, a larger than life difference. 

This is food for thought for right now and what I was told in the first class I was in: “The pursuit of truth has turned into the pursuit for profit.” Um, pardon? 

Let me put my next two semesters like this: Oh boy am I in for a goodie(s).

You know when you have that blah moment and you say something along the lines of “maaaan, my iTunes playlist is really ugly looking and sounding. Can something be ugly sounding? Well, who cares because my iTunes playlist is! Where am I going to find new songs?! Sally listens to Weird Al Yankovich and Billy likes all rappers who start their name with Lil. I’m at a total crossroads! Hmmph.”

Well, when you do have that moment, because let’s be honest, you have and will, you need to step outside and head to your local DAVIDsTEA. Why? This song plays there. Sadly not the video, but rumour has it the store is working on turning the place into a video dance party on the last Friday of the month. But hey, that’s only a rumour: something I just made up and and am spreading to you readers.

Anyway, back to this video- it’s fantastic. I just said something along the lines of “maaaan, I wish I was in this music video. I want to be picking apples on a sunny summer day too!” to myself.

And to this song- a “yes!” to everything about it.

And if you’re reading this chunk of text before watching the video, ladies and gents, here is Trust by the Generationals

Once Upon a Time

For the followers who care, this also means I’m back on the Tumblr scene. Hayley Walks to School has retired or gone on hiatus as I’m back at home with an undergrad degree in my back pocket and no classes to walk to. (The ones I’m taking right now are only online. I guess I could post the songs I listen to as I walk to my computer but that’s like 20 seconds at most and you know, boring). 

Anyway, I have changed the blog title from Hayley Walks to School to Hayley Happenings. What I do right, what I do wrong, what I do, what I don’t do, what I should do, you name it, I’ll be writing about it.

Overall, my lack of Tumblr posts can be blamed on my ba-ba-booming interest in Twitter. But 140 characters can only make a statement, not a story. My new face Tumblr is going to be my story-telling outlet for the most part. The title of this post is fitting/making sense now, right?      

This one is called Mandolay by La Flavour.

I was really, really banking on this group being Canadian so I could say something like “yay for French-Canadian disco music!” but it turns out they’re from Ohio. What the what? (Yes, I’ve been watching too much 30 Rock and idolizing Liz Lemon).

I mean, c’mon, La Flavour, way to be misleading with your nationality. Was La Flavor taken or something? Is that why you chose the Canadian spelling?

Anyway, this song is awesome. I immediately turned this one up up in my car today so that the other vehicles around me could groove along too.

➜ To: the always insightful and cool part of Haydia or Lyley, if you desire. Love: the other half that stalks your Tumblr page.
➜ Campus Crafts

The best kind of crafts!!

Uhhhh flying sunny side up eggs? Brb, going to go have breakfast for dinner in space.

Uhhhh flying sunny side up eggs? Brb, going to go have breakfast for dinner in space.

➜ NBC Picks Up Sarah Silverman Comedy To Pilot | Deadline

Loosely based on Silverman’s life, the untitled single-camera comedy stars the comedian as a woman readjusting to the single life after a decade-long live-in relationship. Silverman wrote with Dan Sterling and Jon Schroeder, who were writer-producers on her self-titled Comedy Central series. Silverman, Sterling and Imagine’s Howard, Brian Grazer and Francie Calfo are executive producing.

Please don’t disappoint and anger me like Whitney, please don’t disappoint and anger me like Whitney, please don’t disappoint and anger me like Whitney.

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